State Lounge

Situated in an alley between two main streets, the construction of this new lounge began with a complete demolition of what was there, uncovering years and years of beer soaked bar history. Fortunately, there were some details from the original nightclub that were worth saving. The space itself was originally a gap between two existing buildings which was formed by adding a front and back wall and a roof. The odd geometry created by the unparrallel facades became a driving factor in the design. The back of house followed the back wall orthogaphics while the front of house followed one roughly 7 degrees different. A series of layers running along the long axis of the space created a gradual transition between public and "VIP". The bar extends into public space becoming usable from both sides. The back bar wall extends to create nooks and a DJ booth.

State was in business from 2008 until 2014. It has, unfortunately been sold and demolished to become a sports bar.