Ritual Construction

Andy was invited to lead a design studio for 2nd year architecture students at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. The studio set out to explore how the process of making a work of architecture (literally the tools and the methods of drawing and modeling) affect the work, and become part of it both in it's making and in it's finished state. The students were led through a series of exercises starting with making their own drawing tools, then doing a series of animations of their drawing process. Eventually, the process was translated into modeling, and eventually, the students created galleries in which to critique their work.

Thanks to:
Jiang Weihua
Peter Tagiuri
Wu Lei

  • Ready for Review

  • Tired & happy

  • Window and corner, according to the block

  • What you see through

  • Wax formed vault

  • Wet wax gallery

  • Looking up through the circus

  • Process model of stick construction