Blossom 2

This was a project created by the students of Rhode Island School of Design department of architecture. The students were in their second semester of the architecture program known as Architectural Design. The project was a continuation of a 2011 project which created a series of pavilions and gardens for the YMCA Church on Roosevelt Avenue in Pawtucket. This second phase was the creation of a series of architectural interventions to further the use of the site. The primary goals were to create water access from the lower pavilion to the Blackstone River, and the second was to create a pavilion using an existing foundation slab and retaining walls. Among many concepts, one important aspect of the project was the life and afterlife of materials as the building process progressed. The formwork which was used to create the retaining walls for the water access later was used as a stackable unit to create the walls of the pavilion. The pavilion seeks to set a framework for construction, while letting the hands that placed the individual pieces have a say in the composition, much like the construction of a stone wall.

Mr. Luis Yip, a prominent Pawtucket Entrepreneur funded the project, and was a great help in providing all types of assistance throughout the process.

Section Professors for Blossom 2:
Silvia Acosta : Studio Coordinator
Adrienne Benz
Thomas Gardner
Elizabeth Ghiseline
Andrew Tower
Jason Wood