Design Studio Blitz

A true design/build experience. We set up a 5 day time frame, and picked a specific material based on functionality, methods of construction and aesthetics. We were making a place for the process of design and design thinking, so the project grew as necessity arose. We needed a wall on which to sketch ideas, so that was the first priority.... We needed a series of tables to be able to sit down and discuss the progress and the paths to follow forward, so we designed and constructed 3.... This was the making of place, simple and to the point.
The materials (1/2" & 1/8" birch plywood) both offer certain interests in their limits and behavior. The curve and bend became critical at the scale of space making, at the scale of holding and display, and at the scale of making a structural table slab. This project departs from the idea that you design something, then build it. This is research and development in real time, testing things as we go. Thankfully the client (a multi person design think tank) operates in this fashion and were an integral part of the process.