Outdoor Work Space

An exterior renovation of a modern ranch called for the replacement of an existing fence, and the construction of an outdoor work area to house potting station, compost, recycling containers and garden storage. We began by reclaiming every foot of the original redwood and cedar fence that had stood the test of time since the 1970's. With a bit of creativity, several man hours and a dozen sets of planar blades, we were able to salvage and renew the old wood, and use it as the main body of the new fence panel system. The system separates itself into 2 parts; a lower panel which meets the concrete piers in the ground and follows the contours of the landscape, and an upper portion which stays perfectly level based on a high point in the yard. So the top of the fence creates a datum, and as the panels travel around, they open and close according to the grade.

The utility portion, completed a few years later, follows the construction logic of the original fence design, and integrates into the system.

Thanks to:

Mike Larsen & Nick Waldman for phase 2... (Waldman photo credit)
Josh Fiedler & Jason Atkins